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Old York Paving, Quarry Tiles & Concrete Slabs

Old York Flags (paving)

We sell thousands of square metres of good quality York Stone Paving Slabs year in year out at J. Brant Reclamation. If you are renovating an older property and seeking good quality hand graded York Stone Flags with years of character then come and see us!

There is no finer paving than natural stone, especially when it is already worn in and has the rustic look you desire. Good quality flags are getting much harder to find, but we are still very particular about the sizes and depths when buying them.

Reclaimed Quarry Tiles

If you are renovating an older property, from a fireplace hearth to a whole floor we can accommodate your requirements. We stock the following quarry tiles…

  • 6x6 Tiles red & black
  • 9x9 Tiles red & black
  • We have a great batch of pavers (10,000), orange/red, 9” x 4.5” x 2” thick

Reclaimed Concrete Slabs

These slabs have been reclaimed and rescued from local landscaping jobs. Metric and imperial sizes are available so please call or email to find out which slabs we have in stock.

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Just some of our stock...

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